Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fast Food Friends

"I don't want it now. I want it RIGHT NOW." From McDonald's to Facebook, people have grown accustomed to life being bigger and faster. McDonald's revolutionized the restaurant and food industry with their ability to make food faster than their competitors while boosting their margins by selling a relatively cheap product. Facebook is the leader in social networking and have knocked out their competitors by providing users a means of contacting current friends instantly, gaining new friends, joining social groups, and being updated to the minute on what EVERYONE is doing. Consequently, relationships have become bigger, faster and cheaper.

I am by no means against Facebook. I think its a great product and it serves its purpose well. But, what ever happened to building strong meaningful relationships. Some people have added friends, in which half of the people they will never have a face to face conversation. I remember when you became friends with someone, you actually became friends. It's like the word "friend" has been added to the Dollar Menu. "Let me get a double-friend with mustard and ketchup, hold the relationship." Most "friends" on Facebook are really just acquaintances and should be called just that.

Yes, there will be backlash for this post because it appears, of all places, on Facebook. What better way to get my concern out there than to use the largest networking site on the planet. I urge people to take it slow and cut back from the Facebook usage. Go outside and meet a human. Or, actually hit up an acquaintance and physically hang out with them. You may find they are actually cool and you can become real FRIENDS.

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