Thursday, May 6, 2010

Squeaky Wheel - Update #2

I've written here and here about how I'm an avid consumer, and I have yet another update to share!

I live near Pathmark on 145th ST, and before I started shopping there I was told by former Harlemite, Seyi, about how awful a shopping experience it is. Well, Yelp's Pathmark reviews accurately describe what the experience is like. My favorite quote:

"If you're going here, bring a long book, not a short one. And take something to calm down. From the checkout folks to the customers I swear it feels as though a riot is about to break out."

Anyway, Uka and I have had hit and miss experiences there, and I still admit that Harlem's Fairway is my favorite grocery store, however Pathmark has the best prices in the city. We tend to do well if we go really early in the morning or before the evening rush hour, and we definitely avoid the weekends at all costs. 

Our Pathmark is awful at putting products behind their corresponding price tags on the shelves and restocking. For example, a product will be on sale starting Friday, when the new circular is displayed, and unless you get there before noon most often it is already out of stock - especially if it's meat. And don't bother waiting in the raincheck line - it's SOOOO long and understaffed. 

A few weeks ago we purchased a family pack of Italian sausage that was advertised as $2.99 or $1.99 with the Pathmark saver card, which we have. Well it didn't ring up as $1.99 and the manager misread the circular although our product matched the one in the picture exactly (flavor and size). I've seen this manager get entangled with other customers too, and he doesn't understand that the customer is always right. I learned this lesson when working at Kroger in high school (a WAAAAY better grocery store btw!).

Well, I let him know I'd be writing to management, and I did. I took a picture of the sausage I purchased, included my receipt as well as the circular. I also calculated exactly how much I was owed based on the price per lb. 

I'm happy to report they've given me a reimbursement:

Although it wasn't for much money, it was more as a matter of principle. Consumers - speak up! Don't let these companies run you over. Imagine if they do this to even 10 people everyday eventually that adds up overtime. Don't go down without a fight!

I'll keep posting my Squeaky Wheel Updates . . .