Monday, May 10, 2010

Locked Up Abroad = Fantastic TV

Some of you may have heard of the show Locked Up Abroad, and for those of you who haven't here's a clip:

Uka introduced me to this show last year, and I have been hooked ever since! Of course this show is brought over from the U.K. (there it's called Banged Up Abroad), like many other shows I like, but what's so intriguing to me is the high quality of the filming. They are actually on location, I love the way it's edited and the actors look nearly identical to the real people who are telling the story.

What's crazy is that the stories are so similar and that there are clear warning signs every time that something is not right. I watch tensely yelling at the screen, "It's not too late to turn around!!!" But no, they end up getting caught nearly every time. I say nearly, because in one amazing episode during the US invasion, a Kuwaiti prison was left unattended and a Locked Up Abroad subject was amongst the prisoners that proceeded to break out and go back home.

Sometimes, I watch the stories and don't believe them, but then they show pictures of when they were in prison, or they shock us and the camera pulls back to show the subject still in prison (oh snap!).

After watching this show I've tried to determine the Locked Up Abroad types when I travel. Usually, they're backpackers with sandals, stringy hair and tans in the winter. Also, they often look like they need a bath. I'll look over to Uka and give a quick glance away to the suspects and say, "They're Locked Up Abroad!" and he usually agrees.

If anyone ever tries to get me to carry a package for them, this show has definitely taught me to say, "No!" everytime. It's not worth it.

Check out Locked Up Abroad on National Geographic.