Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Church

Uka and I attend The Journey Church which is a non-denominational, multi-site church. I first heard about The Journey when I moved to New York in 2007 through an advertisement in amNY. Many attendees first hear about The Journey via a granola bar and invite card that are passed out through street teams throughout the city. The site we attend is the Upper West location which is only 7 subway stops from our apartment. 

The first friends I met in the city were from The Journey. We met on a subway platform near my old apartment on 136th ST - odd, I know! Three years later although 3 of the 4 original ladies I met have left NYC, we're still connected, and I'll never forget how they welcomed me to both the city and The Journey.

What I like most about The Journey is that it's a casual church, meaning we don't have to dress fancy, and it's very approachable. This is the first time in my Christian walk with God that I really feel like I'm learning tangible takeaways that I can apply to everyday life. I've truly noticed a difference in how I live.

This past Sunday, Mother's Day, was a special family day at The Journey. They took complimentary photos of families, but it was fine if it was just groups of friends, or even with your pet, as one pastor joked last week! I really appreciated this and yesterday we received our photo (I have chipmunk cheeks!):

If any of our readers are in the NYC area and are interested in attending The Journey with us please let me know!


  1. That picture of the two of you is so beautiful!

  2. I miss the Journey (and you!) sooo much! The picture is gorgeous! I'm so excited to have discovered your blog and I SO can't wait to meet Baby Agbai through it!! Love you guys!

  3. @Smash Thank you Ashley; I miss you too =)