Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Squeaky Wheel - Update #3

So the updates continue! Those of you who are friends of mine on Facebook saw the following status update on May 7: 

@Iron Man 2 w/Uka for his birthday; tried to see the 9:30 but about 100 kids showed up and ruined it so at the 2nd showing now; gotta love Harlem's interactive theater experience 

Well, when we got home I wrote an e-mail via AMC's website letting them know about what happened. Although they accommodated us by letting us move to the 10a.m. showing, this inconvenienced us and caused Uka to be late for a call AND we missed the foreshadow of Thor that was shown post-credits. 

The kids that suddenly entered the theater at 10:10a.m. (30 minutes past the showing) were loud, obnoxious and apparently unsupervised or not properly supervised. When composing my e-mail to AMC I let them know that this was a birthday treat for my husband, we had hoped to stay for the Thor special and how he ended up being late for his call. I'm not sure why these children weren't given tickets to the 10a.m. show instead and why they were allowed to enter the theater in such an unruly manner. 

Well, I got an e-mail back from a local manager a few days later, and she asked that I call her. Unfortunately, I couldn't reach her by phone (I was put on hold for 15 minutes once while they tried to locate her) and she later said she was going to call on a specific day but never did. Ultimately, she said she was sorry we couldn't connect, but that she was sending me passes to see another movie.

We received them today, AND it included a voucher for soda and popcorn:

Now going to the Harlem movie theater is definitely hit or miss; I had an awful experience seeing SATC there on opening day. It was over one hour late getting started, the crowd control was awful, the interactive theater was on full blast and ultimately, the friend I saw it with had to leave before the end so she could catch her commuter rail train home. They offered to give her another ticket to come back, but seriously, why would she?

Anyway, I still like how Harlem's prices are waaay below the rest of Manhattan. For example, they really do have matinee prices: I can see SATC2 in the a.m. for only $6 vs. $13 elsewhere at the same time. I think I'll keep going back but definitely will keep being a squeaky wheel!