Thursday, May 27, 2010

These Two . . .

Uka and I like to speculate about what Baby Agbai will look like especially after seeing that first ultrasound of her perfectly round, Harold and the Purple Crayon-esque head! Here are baby pics of us around the same age (maybe 6 or 7 months):

Personally, I think Baby Agbai is gonna be chocolatey like her daddy and have huge eyes, long legs, juice lips and big cheeks since we both do! I just hope she gets the best of each of us: her dad's smooth, acne-free skin, his perfect eyebrows and height and my hairline, strong knees and feet. Neither one of us were huge chunky babies, but I really hope Baby Agbai is nice and plump with plenty of rolls and chub-a-lub. I can't wait to kiss her fat cheeks!