Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Agbai/Sloan Reunion at UVA

This past weekend we took Bolt Bus down to DC for my little sister's graduation from The University of Virginia. The last time I was in DC was for Obama's inauguration and it felt good to be back for another momentous occasion. I had never taken Bolt Bus before, and it was actually pretty nice. I had been on Mega Bus, but the particular coach we rode to DC on Bolt Bus was definitely more comfortable with leather seats, and it had outlets for our cell phones. 

Anyway, it was a reunion of sorts because my immediate family plus my paternal grandma, aunt (father's sister) and cousin came too. We all had a lot of fun and despite the forecast that called for rain most of the weekend Ariane was blessed with beautiful weather on her graduation day.

Ariane received her degree in Anthropology and has a NYC PR job lined up that starts in July. Me, being the big sister that I am, have been giving her a ton of advice and sharing articles about the realities of living in NYC. I had wanted to live in NYC right after college but when no job opportunities showed up I had to sweat it out in Boston for 5 years before finally making it to the Big Apple.

I'm so proud of my little sister, and she'll be staying with us for the month of July before Baby Agbai comes. She'll also be the first Sloan to see Baby Agbai when she first arrives! So exciting!

Congratulations Ari!



  1. I love Bolt Bus too. I could go on forever about them. Anyhow, congrats to your sister on graduating. How exciting! Her UVA school color are really Gator colors. Orange and Blue belong to UF. ;) j/k

  2. @msfaladesadventures ha ha about the colors! thx for the congrats =)