Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Agbai Family Baby Shower

This past Saturday Uka's Aunt Chinyere hosted our Agbai family baby shower. It was in Brooklyn, and it was a perfect day for a party! There was a DJ, dancing and lots of food. About 50 guests showed up to celebrate the imminent arrival of Baby Agbai!

Here are the fabulous ladies who were working behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly (Uka's cousins and sister):

We were so blessed by everyone's generosity, but now we have our work cut out for us in the nursery - it looks like a tornado hit! The baby really won't be using the nursery when she first arrives since we'll have the co-sleeper in our room, but it'd be great to get it as organized as possible and set up a closet system. I love this one from the Container Store, but I don't love the price ($700+!):

You can view the rest of the shower pics here.

Thank you Aunt Chinyere for a lovely baby shower!