Monday, June 21, 2010

Squeaky Wheel - Update #5

Yet another update to report! I had purchased a case and protective privacy cover for my BlackBerry 8530. 

It's not the latest BlackBerry, but it was a free upgrade and it's violet so I figured, "Why not?"

This is the case I purchased (isn't it cute?):


Well after a couple months the strap broke off and the privacy cover started peeling as the adhesive ran out. I was surprised neither lasted very long as it was $20 for the case and $10 for the privacy cover.

I wrote the company and explained that I had been a customer before and was surprised the products failed so quickly. I let them know I'd like replacements and even offered to test products before going to market. Well they promptly wrote me back and said they'd send a new case but not a new privacy cover. While I do miss the privacy cover (I can't stand when people look over my shoulder while I'm on my BlackBerry on the subway), the screen is more crisp without it. 

Always remember it's never too late to let a company know when their products have failed you. They may have a 30 or 60 day return policy but you never know when they'll be willing to make an exception.


  1. You have inspired me to do better in this area.

    I'm about to return a loaf of bread to the store LOL. I froze a loaf I bought at Whole Foods a few weeks ago. I took it out of the freezer this morning and every slice has a large hole in the middle! The whole loaf is unusable.

    I bought it like 3 weeks ago and I don't have the receipt which gives me pause but they take returns with no questions. Part of me feels crazy for returning bread but that loaf was $4.79 and it was defective.

  2. @keyalus oooh yeah, take it back! good luck =)