Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sad Excuse For Parenting

While on the bus on my way home recently, I was treated to a wonderful display of what I DON'T want my daughter to ever be like. A mother and her young daughter, a seemingly cute child of around the age of 5, were waiting in the bus line after me. Being the gentleman that I am, I allowed them to enter the bus ahead of me. What a mistake that was.

"Mommy you're a LIAR!," yelled the despicable child . "You said we can do what I wanted to do. I want to do what I want to do NOW!!!" The girl started throwing a tantrum the moment they stepped onto the bus, causing a log jam. I should've just got on the bus before them, but instead, I was stuck behind a distraught mother and her spawn. The bus driver had the mother step aside as she tried to find her MetroCard and control her daughter, and I was finally able to board the bus.

I had a feeling that the little girl would act out again, so I sat just close enough to them to be entertained yet far enough not to be annoyed. The child did not disappoint. As the bus began to roll on, she ran back and forth touching the poles. Her mother appeared not to mind her child's display of stupidity. A couple with a front row seat thought she was so cute and were smiling. "What are you two smiling at?," said the girl in a snarky tone. Her mother failed to correct her for her rudeness. "Oh you're sooooo cute," said the man. He failed as well.

The bus was picking up speed and the girl continued to jostle back and forth while having a conversation with the couple. "This is how you exercise," she said. At this point, the bus was zooming through Central Park and making sharp turns. "You wanna see the best exercise to do on the bus?" This was the very moment I was waiting for. I was waiting for her to do something so incredibly stupid that would ultimately knock some sense into her. Her mother was doing a "stellar" job of parenting by letting her child be free and I felt it was the Universe's turn to correct her.

"JUMPING JACKS," she said. My eyes lit up with joy because I knew the climactic end to my free bus entertainment would be of her being flung by the swerving bus. I was robbed folks. Her mother came to her maternal senses and realized a 5-year old girl doing jumping jacks on a bus going 50 MPH probably wasn't a good idea. The whole time the mother allowed the daughter to do what she wanted to do. The least she could've done was let her learn a lesson.

Everyone has their own parenting style and I am sure mine will be different from others. I will work hard to teach our children discipline, self-respect and to respect others. Parents have the power to mold their children into what they want them to be. Apparently, this woman molded her child into an ass.

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