Friday, July 16, 2010

Creating a Library for Baby Agbai

I am an avid reader, and it started from when my parents introduced books to me as an infant. Growing up the library was my favorite place to go. I wrote here about my fond memories of the Columbus Public Library, and I want to foster a love of books in Baby Agbai as well. 

Right now we don't have many books for her, but we were blessed with a few books at the shower this past weekend. I was so excited to receive them! A few other titles I want to get for her are:

I was over on Apartment Therapy's children's site Ohdeedoh and came across this:

This would have blown my little child mind if I had something like this growing up. A whole wall of books?! Wow! I can't imagine where we'd put something like this in our current apartment, but it's definitely something to aspire to. This was a custom job, but I can dream, right? Someday I hope we live in a real house with land and a yard and plenty of room for books. I'll be filing this picture away for future inspiration.

What are some of our readers' favorite children's books?


  1. I love that child library! Nathan has quite a collection of books already. I asked for both of our mothers to buy books in our native languages (Spanish and Romanian) so that we would be able to introduce him to different languages early.

  2. A little library is a must for when we have children. I loved reading as a child, and still do. I have a bookshelf in our spare bedroom that I plan to paint and fill with children's books for when we have a little one. I still have some of the books from when I was a kid stored at my parent's house which I plan to pass on to my own children. One of my favorites was the Peter Rabbit series.

  3. I've been a reader all my life (and I have the library fines to prove it!). I remember checking out Babar books from the library. And I had a particular favorite that I think was called "Nobody's Perfect" but the title was misspelled somehow. It had a black and white cover. I have such fond memories of the library!

    I try to read to Lewis every night. He LOVES Goodnight Moon. I have memorized the story at this point and just saying the first few lines makes him smile.

    At my baby shower, everyone bought me books instead of cards. I am very happy to have a stocked library already. Although, we're not doing to good with the popup books I receieved. How do I stop him from tearing them up while we are reading LOL!