Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baby Agbai's BBQ Baby Shower

I had posted on Monday a few highlights from our final baby shower. Here's the full photo album here and a few of my favorites:

             This is Jamal, the mascot of the party!               Our front door (I brought this from the OH shower)

Now I do have to say when I see our apartment in pictures it really emphasizes how badly we either need to paint or put art up on the walls. I also notice a need of plants. I know I posted yesterday about my obsession with interior design, but the walls/window treatments part just hasn't come together for me yet. Since we rent the thought of repainting back to builder's white whenever we move is really annoying. On Color Splash I love how David makes his own art and he always makes it look so easy. Mr. Lovebird and I always talk about how we're going to do that "someday." Well, I think I'll make that one of my 2010 goals - get some art up on the walls. Baby Agbai will like it too I'm sure!


  1. you had a par-tay! love it. so glad I can leave comments now!

  2. I feel your pain. All the art on our walls are hand me downs and doesn't really go with anything. I also desperately need curtains in the bedroom, I just can't decide what color/pattern to do.

  3. you two are so cute! can't wait to meet your new little one - and see you both as parents!