Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Obsession with Interior Design

So we got rid of cable a few months ago, and I really haven't missed it much but I do admit that I have missed HGTV. To fill the gap I've been going overboard with following interior design blogs. A couple of my favorites are Apartment Therapy and Elements of Style.

I saw this nursery by Sarah Richardson featured on Elements of Style today, and I totally fell in love:

The various colors and fonts of letters on the upper ledge are so perfect! Baby Agbai's nursery is still a work in progress as she'll be in our bedroom for the first few months, but I love browsing other nurseries for inspiration. A good site to check out if you love doing the same is Spearmint Baby.

Here's an example of an adorable nursery featured there:


I'm hoping when my mom visits in August we can work on it together. My mom has a background in fashion and her attention to detail and color is impeccable. I know she'll help me finish it up and have lots of fun ideas! We might end up making a trip to Michael's for some craft supplies too - I LOVE craft projects!

Are there any other good design blogs out there? Please let me know! 


  1. Me too! I love home decor. Ok, are you reading Lonny Mag? Because you darn well should be. What about Serena & Lily for inspiration? I love their simple not too overdone style.

  2. I love interior design too. I'm needing to ramp up my creative juices again soon though because that off white sectional that worked well when I was single...not so practical with a drooling infant cruising on it LOL.

    There are a lot of nice nurseries pictured at HGTV's Rate My Space:

    There is also: if you are into the modern thing.

  3. Oh - and I absolutely LOVE the first nursery pictured.

  4. @msfaladesadventures Yes! Both those are great - I just recently saw Lonny. I forgot who posted about it, but I saw its creators came from Domino. I wasn't a big Domino fan but I LOVED Blueprint. I still miss that mag :-(

  5. @keyalus Oooh! I totally forgot about Rate My Space. I'll check it out. Thanks!