Monday, July 26, 2010

Do Anything Better

I have a serious obsession with learning new ways to do things better. It can be from cooking, cleaning, decorating, economizing, traveling, etc. I love quick tips and tricks! 

I remember reading the Dear Heloise column in our local paper as a child. Who needed the funnies when I had her weekly tips! Nevermind that they were tips that I wasn't old enough to use such as how to properly clean an oven, but nonetheless I liked that she seemed to have an answer for anything.

Now that I'm an adult I have a solid list of sites that I frequent based on what I'm trying to do better. Here's a few of my favorites:


America's Test Kitchen - I've mentioned this site before, but the show along with the companion magazine, Cooks Illustrated, are hands down my favorite cooking resource. They have a very scientific, methodical approach to cooking and do a lot of comparing of products and ingredients in search of the ultimate, best techniques. They do the research for you!

Finance/Home Economics

Everyday Cheapskate - A few years ago my mom suggested this site, and I've subscribed to the newsletter ever since. Mary has tips of her own and often includes recipes as well as reader submissions. I saw this tip in this week's newsletter that I really liked:

With my digital camera, I took a picture of a plain piece of paper that lists a phone number to call in case the camera is lost. Then, I made it the splash screen that comes up when our family camera is turned on. Using the settings and preferences, I also protected the picture from being deleted. Now, if someone finds our lost camera and turns it on, they will have a way to return it. Dave L., New Hampshire

Mary is a huge fan of getting rid of credit card debt and has a segment on debt-proof living as well. Definitely check it out!

General Tips
Quick & Dirty Tips - Now I haven't really used this site, but I was redirected here from another site (can't remember!) and it looks like a really useful site. It covers many different topics such as grammar and etiquette and is well organized. 

What are your favorite tips websites?