Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remembering 80s/90s Trends

I've posted before about my nostalgia for 80s toys. Well a few weeks ago my friend Noelle M. shared this link that brought back fond memories of growing up in the 80s and 90s. It is so comprehensive! It includes such treasures as slap bracelets, t-shirt clips and Debbie Gibson hats. My ultimate favorite fashion combo was patent leather lace-ups with leggings. I thought I looked so cool! Here I am in the early 90s with my Lisa Frank binder:


Beyond just the trends listed here there are a couple other websites that I like for 80s nostalgia: 

Retrojunk - This is hands down my favorite nostalgia site! I can spend hours watching all the old cereal and toy commercials as well as intros to my favorite shows. It covers 70s, 80s and 90s.

Classic Nick - I like this site especially because I had a serious childhood obsession with Nickelodeon. This site recaps all the wonderful shows like Belle & Sebastian, Maya the Bee and David the Gnome. 

My favorite Nickelodeon show was Pinwheel. I even went as far as to find someone who had turned their VHS into DVD and sold it on Ebay. I now have a copy to show Baby Agbai someday! Here's the opening theme for those of you who might not remember it:

Retroland - This blog has many 80s random pop culture references with a well-organized Retropedia detailing categories such as TV and food. Everything's alphabetized and easy to find.

What nostalgia relics do you remember? Are there any other good nostalgia sites you can recommend?


  1. I saw that link on FB and tripped out! I loved those charm bracelets and was so happy when my mom needed to go to the "junk store" so we could get some more charms!

    I instantly remembered the theme to Pinwheel when I watched the video but don't recall the show at all. I checked that Nick site and realized I got it mixed up with "Today's Special". Now that one I watched!

  2. @keyalus I loved Today's Special too! Growing up my pastor looked like him and I used to be fascinated during church thinking they were the same person!!!