Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mrs. Love Bird's New Hair Do

I totally miss having long hair:

However, I decided that healthy hair was more important so I chopped it off. Uka actually cut most of it then I did some and the salon finished it by blow drying, cutting some more, then flat ironing. Nia still recognizes me so that's a good thing!

I haven't decided if I'll relax my hair ever again, but what drove me to it was that I was getting tired of having two competing textures. My plan was to transition little by slowly, but it was getting too much to handle, and I feel so much better now just having one texture.

Regarding it being healthy, I've noticed that since leaving Boston and coming to New York in 2007 Dominican salons have wreaked havoc on my hair. The blow dyring, tugging and pulling has thinned it tremendously, and I miss the thick, healthy hair I used to have. I've had a hard time finding a salon that will care for my hair, style it well, charge a reasonable price and respect my time. The one salon that I found that did all of these things was Synergi in Columbus, OH, and I really wish they'd open a branch here. They would do tremendous business here in NYC.

Honestly, Mr. Love Bird is having a challenging time adjusting to my new style but we've known each other 11 years and he's seen my hair in many different styles. He knows it will grow back , but if patience wears thin I can always get a weave like this one on BeingMrsJones. She looks fabulous!


  1. I sort of get a Michelle Obama vibe from you with your new hair. Not sure why!

    The Dominican salons are all over the place here in Atlanta. I go maybe once or twice a year if I *really* need my hair done and can't get to my regular stylist who lives far away from me. There was a time when I went more often, but I never felt like going there twice a month could possibly be good for my hair.

    I know my hair has responded very positively to the protective styling and low heat routine I've been doing over the past 3 years. My daily wet bun is not sexy or exciting, but my hair is extra healthy and when I get it done it is beautiful!

    I am lucky to have a stylist here that I LOVE. She is all about healthy hair (natural or relaxed) and I appreciate her so much.

  2. Hey Quiana!!! Your hair is gorgeous, now all you have to do is accesorize!! I admire your bravery, but actually your hair is still longer than most AA women. However, it is still very brave for you to cut off as much as you did. Now what surprised me most is UKAs participation in the cutting. My husband doesn't mind either, but my father would go down kicking a screaming. My mom wears her hair natural and will go get a nice wig in a second for versatility. She looks good. Enjoy your freedom, maybe I will follow your lead, my sister's lead my mom's lead etc etc.

  3. Love the new hair!! :) David always takes a while to get used to my hair when I chop it off but he ends up liking the new style. You look beautiful! :)

  4. thank you ladies!

    @Marie I'm wearing a black headband in the pic (it's hard to tell!), but I definitely want to get some cute clips. My mom is not happy that I chopped my hair either, but she agrees it does look much healthier. No comment yet from my dad . . .