Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life With Nia: Four Months Old

I should have posted this on Sunday - Nia's actual birthday, but we had our cookie exchange that day and it was a bit too hectic to get the post done. Nia's been teething a lot and has been a little cranky so I didn't quite get the shot I want. Honestly, I really want a new camera. A Leica to be exact; Uka's best friend has one and his pictures turn out great. He took some at the cookie exchange so once I get them I'll post them as well as the ones I took with my crappy camera. The pic above is from my BlackBerry as are most of the pics I post. 

Ok enough of my camera venting . . .

Now on to the update:

  • Baby's Weight: Nia's appointment was supposed to be on November 30 but it was moved to December 8; as of that date she's 15 lbs and 3 oz. My guess on the last update was pretty accurate
  • Baby's Height: Again, I was nearly spot on: 25"
  • What size of clothing does baby wear? She's still barely wearing 3-6 months but because of the bulge of the cloth diaper I've moved her up to 6-9 months although it's noticeably too large
  • Any milestones baby reached during the month:  
      • Her first tooth on the lower right appeared on Friday, December 3; I kept telling people, including her dr., that she was teething but hardly anyone believed me. I got my first tooth at 3 months so she's taking after me!
      • She fell asleep three nights on her own after being laid down wide awake; two of those times she cried less than five minutes before conking out
      • She's almost noticing her feet; it's very rare but every so often she fixates on them but can't quite seem to reach them
      • She's cooing intently to make requests; it kinda freaks me out cause it's so deliberate and pointed. Until she gets what she wants she keeps it up, but I guess it's better than a cry
      • She can use both hands to grasp hanging toys on her playmat simultaneously
      • She is officially starting to throw temper tantrums; she arches her back and tries to rebound when she gets frustrated. This especially happens when reading as she get so excited when she sees books then wants to eat them but can't figure out how to get it in her mouth!
      • She's getting more interested in cups and water bottles; her dr. said I can introduce it next month so we'll see
  • Special outings baby had during the month: She rode the LIRR for the first time to a Knottie get-together 2 weeks ago and did very well; in general she's very interested in trains and I talk to her extensively when we're on the train about everything she sees including all the Santas that were recently on the subway Saturday (don't mind how busted I look!):

  • What are your thoughts about the past month? Nia is a dream baby and we're so in love with her. Each month gets better, but I can already tell I'm going to miss her baby-ness cause she's growing way too fast. Sometimes I just squeeze her and relish in the moments we have!
  • What was baby's routine? This past month I kept detailed eating and sleeping records since her melatonin has kicked in and I can get her on a set schedule. I'm definitely noticing naptime should be between 10-11a.m. and I'm trying not to permit naps past 4p.m. so she will go down for the night by 7p.m. So far it's been a challenge and bedtime is more likely around 11p.m. She likes to sleep in all the way until 9a.m. and I often have to talk to her to make her wake up from her constant feeding frenzy throughout the wee hours of the morning.
  • Reflect about the highlights of the month: I like how grabby she's getting; when she eats she grabs my face, shirt and even slaps me sometimes! She has a very heavy right hand! 
  • Did any big changes occur, such as baby started daycare, stopped nursing, slept through the night, etc... Cloth diapers! It's going very well. In general she loves diaper changes and kicks her legs a lot. I tell her the colors of her cloth diapers and say, "This is your cloth diaper!" She smiles and giggles when I do this.
  • What are baby's favorites - toy, food, person, etc... Our friend Melinda gave her a Sesame Street Cookie Kisses book that she loves. I quote the book when we're out and about and she gets very excited and it helps calm her down when she's fussy. People stare at me funny though as I repeat, "Cookie kisses are so sweet! Cookie kisses nose to feet!" Hey as long as it makes Nia happy, I don't care!


  1. my pecious grand baby! Thanks for sharing and keeping me updated since you are far away! Love you daughter!


  2. BTW,

    Love the facial expression during her Santa experience!

  3. Yes! I like her face at the end! She looks confused/concerned.

  4. She is growing by leaps and bounds! She is going to be tall! Look out modeling world here come Nia! I can't get the video to play on my crap computer. I'll try again later.