Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Store: Terrain

A month or so a go I was over on one of my favorite blogs Elements of Style and Erin mentioned Terrain, Anthropologie's new gardening store.

I've dabbled in urban gardening since moving to New York, and I had a hard time keeping up with it especially because I was traveling so much at the time for work. 

My Attempt at Gardening in My 1st NYC Apartment
We have more outdoor space now, and I'm thinking about starting another urban garden this spring. I found the book You Grow Girl very helpful. It has a fun cover too:

Anyway, here are a few items from Terrain that I like:

Mahogany Wreath

Kitchen Sticky Notes

Round Red Terrine

They also have a section for gifts for foodies; here's one that looks divine:

Napa Valley Pantry
While I await to start my gardening, I'm thinking of getting a Meyer lemon tree. Isn't it cute?:

Photo Credit: Edible Container Gardening

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  1. We have decorative window guards in the front, and I've been thinking about putting a few pretty, potted plants in them. Thanks for the inspiration!