Friday, December 17, 2010

4-Month Wakeful? Yes, it Does Exist!

You know the wraiths from Lord of the Rings?

Well that's what Nia sounds like lately when she's put down to sleep, and it's awful! 

I kept hearing about the 4-month wakeful right around the time Nia was able to be put down to sleep while awake which was about two weeks ago. All of a sudden that changed. She really wants to be held, cuddled and fed to the point of being stuffed (she spits up throughout the night from eating so much).

In this article about the 4-month wakeful it mentions "this age marks a huge cognitive and emotional turning point for babies, as they become much more aware of -- and interested in -- the world around them. It can also mean they'll sometimes want to play during the night."


No mommy and daddy do not want to play during the night. 

For example, last night on the way home from a wonderful dinner with friends and taking our family Christmas photo Nia fell asleep. We were so excited! I had even stealthily put her in her PJs before we hopped in the cab home. Sure enough she fell right asleep, but when I went to transition her from the Moby, out of her snowsuit and into her co-sleeper what happened?


Yup. I had to cuddle and feed her to get her back to sleep. Her eyes were WIDE open. It actually kinda freaked me and Uka out. Nia was so bright-eyed that her eyes literally appeared illuminated in the darkness. Our child has HUGE eyes! At times she'll stop nursing and suddenly stare blankly right at me without blinking. I swear she's searching my soul, and it makes me want to start rocking back and forth.

Anyway, back to the wakeful. . .

This is even more of a reason to start getting her on a sleeping schedule. It's been very hard especially with all the running around I do in general and now with the holidays. 

We go to D.C. next week for Christmas so it should be interesting to see what happens then. She'll be bed-sharing with me and Uka, which she does in the wee hours of the morning but never the entire night. I really don't want to start a bad habit especially when we're going to start putting her in her nursery ASAP.

How have our readers handled the 4-month wakeful? Any advice to share?


  1. Hmmm honestly, Christen did not start sleeping by herself until six months. I admit, I started too late. 4 months is the right time to start. I always nursed Christen right before bedtime and she always feel asleep. She slept deeper when she was in another room and could'nt smell my milk when she woke up. I keep a mobile attatched to her crib to entertain her when she woke up. She still wakes up during the night, so we bought her a fish to keep her company in her room. When we first started putting her in her room it was hell for one week then she got used to it. But don't kill yourself now especially since you are going away for the holdiays! Vacations ALWAYS jack up the routine:-( Good luck!!

  2. This brings back memories! I remembered calling Marlie a screeching banshee in one post. I don't know how sweet little babies can make those sounds? All their phases pass EVENTUALLY. I agree to wait until you get back from holiday to get into a routine.