Monday, December 20, 2010

Real Simple: Holiday Contest

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This isn't sponsored post for Real Simple, but it's a magazine that I generally like for it's Type A-ness. I was introduced to it around 2003 at one of my former jobs, and I used to save years' worth of issues until I finally broke down and took the articles I really liked and made a tearsheet binder. 

Anyway, they're runing a holiday contest now and to enter you have to take a quiz. I did and the results were as follows (the highlighted part is me to a T!): 

Effortless Entertainer

“You love food and flowers and all things warm and inviting,” says Karen Bussen, entertaining expert and author of Simple Stunning Parties at Home ($22, “You read cookbooks the way other people read Star magazine,” poring over them to create the perfect menu. You’ve loved throwing parties from the time you were old enough to turn on the stove by yourself, and the idea of having 4 or 8 or 18 guests over for a sit-down dinner doesn’t intimidate you in the least. “You love to challenge yourself with a new theme or a new ingredient, or to create a meal centered on a certain winemaking region,” says Bussen. What’s more, you have the rare skill of always putting your guests at ease (even while flambĂ©ing bananas Foster), and conversation never lags at your dinner table.

You can enter the contest here.