Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Widdle Teef!

This was my 1st attempt at capturing a picture of Nia's 1st tooth
Take 2 - 4 days later a 2nd tooth appeared!
I tried to get a better pic but Nia wouldn't move her tongue
I'm not torturing her here, but it was the best I could do!
Nia officially got her tooth on Friday, December 3 - she was 3 months and 3 weeks old! Next stop? College.


  1. Already?!?

    Lewis didn't get his bottom two until like 9 months. He recently cut 6 more but this wasn't until he was like 14 months old. I was getting worried!

  2. awww, so cute! And i know this post is about her new little teeth, but she has the prettiest, most perfect little lips ever, lol. So adorable!

  3. Amazing! She is moving so fast and you know what old folks say that means....LOL!

  4. My babies teethed early on too. David and I were discussing this and we both remember around 4 months that the teeth came in. Tell baby Nia to be nice to you and NO biting!! She looks adorable though with the 2 cute little teeth. :) I love how you showed the many attempts at capturing the 2 pearly whites. :)

  5. WOW..where have I been. I can't believe she has teeth already. She is adorable!!

  6. @Christina ha ha! thank you christina. i always tell her she has luscious lips and noticed them even more when i put up these pics!

  7. Quiana I can't believe that! olivia is eating cereal and we don't have any yet - but then again Kaia didn't get her first ones till later so we'll see. . . are you still nursing? good luck w/ that and the teeth : ) merry christmas!

  8. @Rebecca ha ha! yes, still nursing exclusively and she bites me all the time but i've gotten used to it. looking forward to introducing cereal when she's 6 months. hope you had a wonderful christmas too =)



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