Thursday, December 2, 2010

Operation Get Right!

Sanaa Lathan: my post-partum inspiration
My gym membership reinstated yesterday, and I decided it's the perfect time to start what I'm calling Operation Get Right!

There are two areas that I need to work on as part of this operation: Spiritual and Physical.

Get Right Spiritually

I've posted about my church before, but the mom's group I'm a part of at my church is coming to an end, and I really believe God's been telling me to lead a group next semester. I used to lead and co-lead groups regularly prior to getting married, but now that Nia and I have adapted to each other I know I can handle co-leading. Uka will be my co-leader and while we've been in growth groups together before we've never co-lead. I'm really looking forward to it!

Besides co-leading I'm working on my personal relationship with God: getting more into reading the Bible, praying and devotionals. A friend of mine gave me the book The Power of a Praying Wife right when I got married, and I had started reading it before but didn't finish. I've decided to pick it back up and there are some really powerful insights in the book! There are 30 daily prayers concerning your husband that the author directs you to pray as well as corresponding Bible verses. It really is an awesome guide!

Get Right Physically 

There are two aspects to the physical transformation I need to undergo: my fitness and my hair.

I don't weigh myself regularly, but instead gauge my size by how my clothes fit. At the time of my wedding I was 120 lbs then put on 20 lbs by the time I got pregnant. I gained 35 lbs during my pregnancy and am surprised to find that after weighing myself for only the 2nd time since having Nia I'm only 7 lbs shy of my pre-pregnancy weight.

Now Uka and I have done P90X but not with any regularity, but I contribute the weight loss to breast feeding, eating a low fat diet, drinking a ton of water and using NYC as my gym. There are so many stairs involved with taking the subway or simply just getting anywhere in the city and since I wear Nia pretty much anywhere I go she's about 16 lbs of additional resistance! I recall reading in a post-partum interview with Selma Hayek that breastfeeding really didn't help her lose weight and she said it was a bunch of lies. That really had be nervous! I do think each woman is different and for me breastfeeding has melted off the extra weight I had (in addition to my booty, sadly!).

Here's a pic in honor of my former booty:

Now about my hair! I've ordered biotin and Jane Carter Solution scalp nourishing serum from which I've started this week. I'll be posting a review on my experience with soon - I LOVE drugstores! I used to take biotin and silica in college after reading about it in InStyle magazine. Apparently many of the models take it to strengthen and protect their hair from all the styling damage. I can attest that it does work! The Prissy Mommy's written about her experience with biotin too and has pictures of her results. I wasn't sure I could take biotin while breastfeeding, but I found out I can. Silica is harder to find since I started taking it in college as GNC doesn't carry it anymore, but the biotin I ordered has silica in it too.

I'll be posting details of my progress from time to time on both the Spiritual and Physical components of Operation Get Right!

Now off to the gym . . .


  1. I have been married 5 years and to tell you the truth I have read The Power of a Praying Wife no less than 7 times. The book is so powerful, and everytime I read it I gain a new understanding of marriage and all that it requires. Great read..stick with it. It can drop your jaw at times, but being the best wife is worth it!

  2. @Mimi Thank you Mimi for the encouragement! I can already tell I'll be coming back to the book often.