Friday, December 10, 2010

Planning Nia's First Christmas

So about Nia's tree . . .

I was on 125th Street earlier this week, which is Harlem's shopping district, and I saw a 50% Christmas outlet. Wednesday I wandered in and boy, did they have some good deals!

The first step to planning Nia's first Christmas was to get her a tree. Growing up my family in Ohio went to a tree farm, selected our tree and cut it down. Not so in NYC and definitely no live tree as Mr. Love Bird grew up with fake ones (oh, the horror!).

I was elated to see a 4ft tree just the right size for Nia and . . .

IT WAS ONLY $8!!!! 

I was able to buy all of this for $23:

That's two packs of white lights, a set of ornaments, tree skirt skirt and a tree! Now many of you know how Type A I am and shouldn't be surprised by the fact that I took a pic of how the ornaments were packed so I could remember how to put them away when it's time to take down the tree:

This is my first tree on my own as I've done wreaths only before, but I'm very methodical when it comes to decorating. I don't want a hodge podge of ornaments and I like sticking to a central theme. I have been thinking of baby's first ornament though and saw a cool idea for a silhouette ornament:

Photo Credit: Young House
You can find the full post with instructions here.

Anyway, here's the finished tree:

It looks so boring against the white walls but there will be more stuff around it this weekend since we're having our annual cookie exchange. I have a few tins but need more cookie containers so everyone can take some home. A trip to Michael's is in order tomorrow! I'm looking forward to next year's cookie exchange so Nia can try a few cookies. This year I'm making chai shortbread.

Regarding the rest of Nia's Christmas we're asking for no toys, just cloth diapers and clothing. I'm still a bit strict about not allowing our apartment to get overrun with baby stuff and so far so good. There is one "toy" I do want her to have and that's Sophie, the teething giraffe. I guess it's not really a toy since it's a teether, but it kinda looks like a dog's chew toy:

Nia dislikes her butterfly teethers and is constantly trying to chew my fingers, the side of her Moby wrap as well as her own hands and clothing. She gets so frustrated that I know she needs something easier to grasp and from what I've read this is the perfect teether so we'll see. If I get it for her I'll definitely let her use it before Christmas!

Now Mr. Love Bird and I have decided to raise Nia the same way we were raised: not to believe in Santa. We believe that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ but that doesn't mean we ban all secular aspects of the holiday. I plan to take Nia to the ABC Carpet and Home store to see Santa there. I've heard it's the most authentic Santa and the one at Macy's is too hectic. Besides I can use my own camera to take a pic of Nia with Santa instead of paying $20.

I've never seen Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus, but I know it's coming on TV soon. I plan to watch it with her cause I think it's cool that it's her namesake, and I'm sure she'll like to brag about it growing up in elementary school! I think it'll be a fun tradition. With names like "Quiana" and "Uka," Mr. Love Bird and I never had that experience! BTW, here's the calendar for all the TV Christmas specials. Mr. Love Bird has never seen It's a Wonderful Life (a shame!) so I'm committed to making him watch it this season.

Regarding Christmas clothes, I did pick up Nia candy-striped PJs from Children's Place as well as a "My First Christmas" onesie. The woman in front of me in line had a 20% off coupon good for that day only. When she was done she tried to give it to her husband to save and he told her it was only for that day so I asked for it and she gave it to me! The total was only $10 after the coupon. When I was done I passed it to the woman behind me in line and the woman behind her asked her to do the same. I love when people help each other out!

I think Nia needs baby legs with the onesie, and I've always wanted to order her some. I went to their website and found some half-off for $6 but quickly Googled a coupon code and got an additional 10% and free shipping. My total was $5.88! I can't wait to see her in it on Christmas day =) 

See how cute they are?:

Photo Credit: Baby
Hooray for Nia's First Christmas! 


  1. I was so adamant about Izzy having a tree this year, and you know I haven't even plugged the thing up yet, lmbo?

    Anywho, I love your tree, and I can't wait to see the pictures of Nia in her little baby legs, lol! I need to find Izzy a little outfit to wear!

  2. @Christina Awww! It's not too late. I know Izzy will love her tree!

  3. Hooray for baby's first Christmas! You did an excellent job with the tree madam. I am downloading the Jackson 5 Christmas album from iTunes to play on Christmas morning and hoping to make it a tradition :-)