Saturday, December 11, 2010

Revisiting Shoes Off

With the holidays upon us and lots of parties to attend I wanted to revisit the shoes off at door policy we have at our apartment. We never intend to make anyone uncomfortable, but for us it's ultimately a matter of cleanliness. 

One of my favorite sites I've mentioned before that's dedicated to no shoes is Shoes Off at the Door Please. They did a re-post that I agree with 100%:

Having a shoes-off policy does not mean that:

- You do not know the difference between asking and demanding.

- You ask your guests to remove their shoes in an unpleasent or rude manner.

- You "force" your guests to remove their shoes.

- You would not make an exception for elderly people or those with a medical issue.

- You would never make an exception if a guest felt really uncomfortable with removing her shoes (this is at your discretion).

- You would never make an exception for a party (but you don't have to; shoeless parties are great too!)

- You would not try to let guests know in advance that you prefer shoes-off.

- You make your guests wear horrible fluffy slippers that have been worn by hundreds of previous guests.

- You think your guests shoes are dirtier than your own.

- You treat your guests like children.

- You are obsessed with cleanliness.

- You are anally rententive.

- You are germaphobic.

- You keep your children in a sealed plastic bubble.

- You have plastic sheeting on your furniture.

- You have a foot fetish.

- You care more about your carpets than your guests.

- You are not an absolutely delightful host or hostess.


  1. Points well taken. We do shoes off at home, and for most small gatherings - but it falls apart for a big party - and that's okay. I also look the other way when my in-laws come over because they are 79 & 80 and just can't do the shoes off thing.

  2. We got a great idea from our daycare that makes us put on booties before going into the play areas. So now we have booties that we leave by the front door for our guests to put on over their shoes. It's a win-win since no one has to go shoe-less, and you can toss them in the wash after. No one ever complains and even tells us what a great idea they are.