Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Favorite NYC Brunch Spot

Photo Credit: Clinton Street Baking Company
I can't recall how I found out about Clinton Street Baking Company, but I've been going there for years; I think even before I moved to NYC. They have the most glorious banana pancakes with maple butter syrup, and I often joke that they put crack in the batter! Anyone who visits me in NYC ususally gets a trip to Clinton Street, but I always warn my guests in advance: there's usually a 2-hour wait even when the doors first open. Yes, it's true! I convince my guests that it's totally worth it, and so far everyone has agreed.

Me and my family at Clinton Street Baking Company
What's most exciting is that their pancake month is coming up starting February 1 and boy, do they have some delicious pancakes scheduled! Don't these sound delish?:
Photo Credit: Clinton Street Baking Company
If I'm able to make it this year to Pancake Month I'll be sure to report back with pictures! I was treated to Clinton Street a couple weeks ago by a good friend and I totally overindulged: I had pulled pork, scrambled eggs with pepper jack cheese, hash browns and a biscuit. But wait, there's more! We topped off our brunch with a huge slice of raspberry chocolate cake. It was so moist and delicious. I brought the leftovers home for Uka, and he devoured it before I could even get my coat off! Seriously, it's that good.