Friday, March 4, 2011

Baseboards (again!)

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Now that March is here (YESSS!) I'm getting spring cleaning fever and while I REALLY want to hire a cleaning company to deep clean our apartment, the reality is I'll probably be doing it myself. 

I had posted before about cleaning my baseboards and my wonderful sister Ariane did it for me while I was pregnant, but they are looking dingy again. I came across this post on one of my favorite blogs, Small Notebook, and they offered some great advice. 

Essentially, they suggest using a dust broom to go around and sweep the ick off the baseboards then wiping them off with a wet rag. I don't have a dust broom and my sister just used a dry then wet rag on mine going around on her hands and knees with a bowl of soapy water (God bless her!). What I really like about posts like Small Notebook's are the comments; readers often have unique solutions that they like to share. One reader mentioned how she pays her kids in change to clean them as an extra way to make money (they don't get paid to do regular chores, which Uka and I firmly agree with as well) and another said she just uses old an old sock to dust the baseboards with her feet  - so clever!

What are you not looking forward to cleaning this spring? Any spring cleaning tips to share?

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  1. WINDOWS...I have set the calender for the weekend of the 18th to spring clean. The windows need to be cleaned on the outside and the inside. I'm just trying to get my mind right. Yeah, our baseboards need to be done as well. I'm going to put Lil man to work on those! Teach them early.