Monday, March 7, 2011

Post-Ikea Trip

A couple weeks ago I posted about needing to go to Ikea. Well on Saturday after meeting up with my sister and BFF at Eataly (I have a bit of obsession with this Italian bazaar!), I headed to the Elizabeth Ikea to get curtains for Nia's nursery entry.

I set out to get brown curtains and ended up with these instead:
Photo Credit: Ikea
I reported to Uka on my way back that I bought gray curtains, and he was a bit nervous thinking they were light gray, but was pleasantly surprised to see they were more of a graphite color. Here they are hanging in the doorway:

I had purchased brown Ikea curtains in my first NYC apartment and wanted to try a different color especially if we end up taking them down and moving them to our living room window which right now is curtain-less. {On a side note: this really irks our parents whenever they visit. They are concerned that people are staring at us at all hours, but there isn't a direct view into our apartment, and we can't see anyone in the building next to us, just shadows behind their curtains. We love how the light floods into our apartment!} Anyway, the curtains would match our Ikea kitchen shade too, if we indeed end up relocating them:

Anyway, back to the hallway pic: I really don't like our hallway and now I'm thinking of other ways to spruce it up without painting or investing in art {again, we're in the midst of a landlord dispute and don't want to put anything up on the walls just yet}. Perhaps a new runner? I've had our current one since moving to NYC in 2007 and it's a bit dingy. I'm thinking of replacing it with one of these:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
I'm leaning towards the last one since I think it'll tie in best with the curtains and if we end up decorating the walls I'm thinking of graphite frames lining the long hallway similar to this:

Photo Credit:
We have a bunch of frames we received as wedding gifts and I plan to put them into good use once our housing situation is settled but they're of different materials so I'm thinking of just using those for our large living room window sill and picking up frames from Ikea for the hallway.

I also have this print  by Jim Datz to frame and hang in Nia's room; it will replace the Keep Calm and Carry On poster:

Photo Credit: Three Potato Four
Isn't it cute? I've been hanging onto it for over a year now, but it's an odd size and I've been having a hard time finding a frame and custom frames are SO expensive. I like how it looks framed on the shop's site:

So those are my post-Ikea trip ramblings. 

Any thoughts/suggestions/comments are much appreciated!

P.S. Ikea does not sell stovetop tea kettles. Who knew?! A store associate confirmed it for me while I was searching high and low for one there. A Twitter friend suggested I go to Marshalls on 125th ST so I'm going there next weekend to try and find one.