Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snotsucker Love

Nia's just now getting over her first cold she's had for over a week now and the one tool that has really helped us get through it is the NoseFrida Snotsucker

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Much more efficient than the bulb aspirator from my childhood, the NoseFrida is a tube sucking device that uses your mouth's sucking action to draw the nastiness from a child's nose. At first I was completely grossed out by the description and didn't understand how it worked without getting snot in your mouth, but when Nia's cold was making it unbearable for her to breathe, I knew I had no choice but to break it out.

I was concerned about Nia's reaction to it but surprisingly she didn't cry! She just made a gasping sound of annoyance. The tube doesn't go in the child's nose like the bulb aspirator; instead it lays right at the edge of her nostril. There is no way I can suck too hard and boy, is it effective! I can see all the contents coming into the clear tube. My baby makes a lot of snot!

Now back to the possibility of snot going my mouth: this doesn't happen because it has a sponge filter that keeps it from getting to your mouth. The product breaks down easily for cleaning and disinfection (a bit of alcohol in the tube cleans it quickly).

Overall, I highly recommend this product and will continue to use it for Nia's colds. 

Wanna see it in action? Check this out:

*I was not compensated for this review; it was a product I happened upon on my own.*

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  1. This reminds of a story my grandmother likes to tell about how she drew the snot of my nose with her mouth when I was a baby because I could not breathe. I hate that story. But thanks to you I never have to wonder if I'd have the stomach to do that for my own child