Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life With Nia: Seven Months Old

Nia is officially closer to one year old now than to being a newborn, and this makes me a bit sad. I squeeze her extra tightly and cherish her babyness all the time. I ask her, "Are you my baby?" and she looks up at me with those sweet brown eyes, and I want to cry. This time is so precious, and I realize it's already slipping by too quickly.

Ok, ok enough of this sentimentality, on to the update:
  • Baby's Weight: Nia won't have her next appointment until 9 months, but I can already tell she's put on quite a bit of heft in the past month thanks to the introduction of solids. I'd say she's already 17 lbs. On the topic of weight, I'm getting tired of people in public remarking that she's small for her age. She isn't - she's long and slim AND she doesn't have a melon sized head like I see most babies her age have (BTW her dr. said her head circumference, weight and height are perfect!). Just cause my baby's gonna look like a supermodel when she grows up doesn't mean you have to make comments! ;-)
  • Baby's Height: I'm sure she's still hovering around 26."
  • What size of clothing does baby wear? She's wearing 9 months comfortably and still 6-9 months mostly. I realized she had a bunch of clothes I had packed away and suddenly brought into rotation, including the jeans in the last post.
  • Any milestones baby reached during the month:  
      • She can say mama and dada specifically to each of us. When she wakes up she calls for me immediately most times, "Mamamamama!" It's so cute (for now!).
      • Not a fun milestone, but she had her first cold for about two weeks; it was so sad to see her sniffle, but the NoseFrida was such a help
      • She's starting to lunge for things she wants from a seated position (she actually made it out of her bouncy seat while I was showering - a reminder to ALWAYS strap her in!)
      • She can crawl backwards (not very consistently!)
      • She's (finally) rolling from back to tummy
      • Here are some pics of her recent poses:
Finally lifting her pelvis off the floor!
Go ahead and crawl already!!!
This is how she was posing when she woke up from her nap!
She loves to throw herself backwards so pillows are a must
She's bustin a move! LOL!
  • Special outings baby had during the month: She went to her first Baby Lapsit at our local library; she was completely overwhelmed by all the children but did enjoy the experience. When we walked into the children's floor she looked all around and a huge smile spread on her face as though she was thinking, "I've dreamt of such a place my whole life!" It was so cute I almost cried! I have such a great love of reading, and I hope she will too. 
  • She also went to her first track meet at The Armory to see UVA women's team run the DMR (I always call it the DNR thinking of "do not resuscitate" and what would happen to me if I attempted it!):
  • What are your thoughts about the past month? I say it every month but it's true: she gets impossibly cuter as each month goes by. She is such a dream!
  • What was baby's routine? We're keeping up with story time followed by playing her mobile to signal bedtime then laying her down. When she hears her mobile she starts to whimper (kinda reminds me of Pavlov's dogs!). Once we get her down between 8-8:30p.m. she's down until 12-1a.m. and depending on the cry I feed her otherwise she self-soothes then is up again around 5a.m. (when Uka gets up). The only part of the routine's that's changed is having solids before nursing. At first we were nursing first then solids, but I like the reverse better. She's very clear when she's done with solids and will lunge for milk!
  • Reflect about the highlights of the month: Story time was the biggest highlight! Regarding solids she's now eating:
    • Brown rice cereal, sometimes with bananas
    • Bananas in her mesh feeder 
    • Apple cinnamon rice cakes
    • Peas
    • We've also given her tastes of apple, cantaloupe, grapefruit juice via spoon (she LOVES it!) and banana gelato (Shhh! Don't tell her pediatrician!)
Excited for 1st time with peas
Mastering the sippy cup
First rice cake
  • Did any big changes occur, such as baby started daycare, stopped nursing, slept through the night, etc... We introduced a new brand of cloth diaper, Econobum, and she's doing well with them. They're prefolds and surprisingly, make a better overnight diaper than the BumGenius 4.0s. A full review is forthcoming!
  • What are baby's favorites - toy, food, person, etc... She still likes her musical toys, and I've given her a vibrating doodle bug that she enjoys (it was hanging from her shelf and she kept eyeing it!):

Here's a video of her enjoying her first banana in the mesh feeder (you can hear Uka start to bless the food right before I shut off the camera - he was hungry!):

    P.S. I've now noticed after posting all these pics that either all of Nia's tops are meant to be 3/4 sleeves or she has really long arms like her father!


    1. Nia you are getting to be such a big girl. Good job on holding your sippy cup too! :) Quiana she is such a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful photos. I love how snuggly she looks in her jammies and the awake from her nap pose is so darling to see. She's a sweet girl but growing up way to fast. :(

    2. She's fantastically adorable! I can see her personality in these pics. Don't get me started on the baby weight thing. I got so tired of strangers commenting on how small my baby is, that I started telling them that her daddy is a midget. That shut them up quick!
      I had a major case of the deja vus reading this update. I have similar pics of Marlie at this stage, especially when she was learning to crawl on that exact same activity mat