Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Lil Sis is 21 Today!

My sister Lauren turns 21 today - she reminds me so much of myself because of her determination and self-discipline, and out of my three siblings I think we look the most alike:

In fact years ago she returned to my high school, Columbus School for Girls, to play against their basketball team and one of my old teachers nearly jumped out of their skin thinking I had returned as a student again! (Not that I was a terror or anything!)

When I see Lauren I still think of her as she was when she was a baby - to me she still has her babyface! I have to remember now that she's legal and yes, this makes me feel so old.

Lauren was such a cute baby!
Lauren's heading to NYC with my brother and her friend later tonight, and I'm excited to see her tomorrow when she'll come over to visit and watch Nia with my other sister Ariane and brother Michael while Uka and I go on a date (thank you in advance Lauren!).

Lauren's currently a junior at Anderson University in South Carolina where she does field events. She's extremely talented and humble about it. My family and I have to press her for details on how she does and it's always, "Oh, I PR-ed" or "I set a school record last week." Ummm, hello?! I'd be shouting it from the rooftop if it were me. LOL! 

NCAA Div II Athlete of the Week in 2009
Because of her athletic ability and strength I always know to stay on Lauren's good side. I was joking around with her once and she booty bumped me and nearly knocked the wind out of me! Besides her athletic talent, she's an oustanding artist as well majoring in graphic design. Look at this piece she did of my parents:

I'm so excited to see what the future holds for her.

Happy Birthday Lauren (or "Boo" as I still call her!).


  1. So sweet Quiana! I love our little sister :)

  2. thanks sister that was really nice of you! i didnt know you thought those thinges of me but i also think highly of you too. I love u sister!