Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Then and Now

An online forum I'm a member of recently asked members to pre/post-partum  pics of themselves. While I didn't participate, I do believe that the way a man finds the woman he marries is how he wants her to stay (for the most part). I've discovered this the hard way through Mr. Love Bird's reaction to the changes my body has undergone not only from being pregnant (and no longer being pregnant - meaning the loss of my booty!), but also the self-inflicted changes such as cutting my hair.

I came across this picture of myself from three years ago, and it makes me miss the old me:

Obviously, I've since chopped my hair (I know I owe an update on how it's doing - growing like a weed actually thanks to biotin and Jane Carter's scalp serum), but I feel like my face is waaaay chunkier now. I tend to carry my weight in my chipmunk cheeks and mid-section (the shirt in the picture hides it well!). 

I do think that breastfeeding has saved me from the worst of what could have been post-partum as I'm still only about 7 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight and can wear my size 4 pants still, but I know I have to step up the cardio and strength training for sure so I can tone and tighten. The metabolism of the thirties is not the same as the twenties!

While I can really get down on myself for how I've changed physically, I look at who I now have in exchange, and it's all worth it:

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  1. you're size 4! I think your body is fine just make sure u eat right and all will follow :)