Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nia and I are in VA!

Yesterday Nia and I took an $8 Megabus to visit my parents right outside of DC in VA. I had a really hard time getting out the door (Nia's super clingy, and I was so flustered that I forgot my key so when I return I'll be locked out - I'll ask the super to let me in!).

It's cold and rainy here, but Nia and I are having fun with my parents including putting Nia in an old baby bonnet my mom came across:

Don't you love how she's wearing boy PJs?
We're hoping to get out to see the cherry blossoms tomorrow despite the rain so we're gonna bundle up. I have no idea why spring is taking FOREVER to get to the east coast, but I'm at least glad the trees have budded!

On another note, our elevator is up and running at last! I look forward to taking Nia out in her stroller when I get back this Friday. 

I'll update with more pics and updates this weekend!


  1. Okay, that is THE cutest picture ever!!!! Oh my gosh, that bonnet is so adorable. If I had a little girl she'd totally have a bonnet.

    Wait, did you say an $8 bus to DC/VA? Okay, going to click on that link now!!!

  2. @Yakini @ThePrissyMommy I know right? Yep, $8! It has free wi-fi and was clean and safe.