Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back From VA!

I'm so behind in so many things since being back from visiting my parents in VA, but I'm slowly catching up!

Despite the rain and cold, we had a fun time with my parents. We were hoping to get out and see the cherry blossoms but unfortunately, we were only able to do so in passing. Here's the only shot of them that I was able to take:

My mom and I spent our days catching up on HGTV (I LOVE Divine Design with Candice Olson!), chatting about Etsy and future career moves as well as just playing with Nia. Nia definitely loved all the attention and especially liked the family dog, Tanner. Here she is having a special moment with Tanner:

They sat like this for about 2 minutes!

And a few more:

What a serious face
My mom joins the fun!
Tanner protecting Nia during nap time amidst her pillow fortress
Nia had an obsession with the chandelier in our bedroom and would gently touch it each day while looking at it with eyes of wonder; I thought this was so adorable:

My curious baby
We also took a family outing to Tysons Corner Mall which was where we had Nia's first Santa photo. My parents had an umbrella stroller, which Nia wasn't used to. As a result she kept her legs straight out for a while:

Confused baby!
Before our trip I had been craving Dairy Queen and lo and behold there was one in the mall! I had a limited edition mint chocolate Oreo cookie Blizzard and it was SO good! After we ate our ice cream my dad took some silly pics with Nia:

I LOVE Nia's expression!
Simba pose!
Overall, we had a good trip and will be heading back to the mid-Atlantic region at the end of the month for a basketball tournament. Next time Mr. Love Bird will come too. We better start looking for another $8 Megabus fare soon!


  1. Yeah for VA my home state. Looks like you and Nia had a great time and I totally want to go home now. :(

    Your hair is growing so fast!

  2. welcome back! I love picks from family trips. She is getting so big and very expressive! I know your parents loved having you two visit.
    p.s. Dogs are so great with babies