Friday, April 8, 2011

Planning Mr. Love Bird's 30th Birthday

One month from yesterday (I meant to actually post this yesterday!) Mr. Love Bird will be 30. I've always liked to think of him as my younger man as I'm just slightly older than him, but now that we'll both be in our 30s I feel like we have reached a different stage now. I can't believe this fall I'll be able to say I've known Uka for 12 years (or my entire adulthood). WOW!

Uka is so low key and doesn't want to do a big party (although he is indeed planning to celebrate later in Vegas with his BFF who is also turning 30 later this summer). He actually requested that we just invite some friends over for deep dish pizza and Wii like we did last year,  but this time he says he'd specifically like rosé (?!). It's become a favorite of his lately, and I while I don't drink I know enough to know that it's not a normal combination! Regardless, the birthday boy will get what he asked for and more . . .

I've decided to make him a salted caramel chocolate cake! While I usually just get him a Carvel cake (this wish goes back to his childhood when he always wanted one but didn't get it), I was over on Full House (which I discovered courtesy of Young House Love) and Christina, who is oh so fabulous, mentioned how she makes her husband this cake each year. I love chocolate covered pretzels and thought this cake sounded so good! I understand that Uka has to like the cake too, and it's not about me but hey, I'm sure he'll enjoy it! 

Doesn't it look delish? I especially like the visible chunky salt on top.

{Image and recipe found here.}