Friday, April 8, 2011

Hair Update!

It's been 5 months since the BC (big chop) and my hair is growing like a weed! As I mentioned before I've been using biotin and Jane Carter scalp nourishing serum (you can get both via like I did - at the time I'm typing this it's 46% off AND I have a 20% off coupon code to the left!) 

I tweeted last weekend that Mr. Love Bird was doing my color. He picked out this color a couple weeks ago:

I've never done box color before and knew that it wouldn't be as light as the picture - I used the guide on the side which looked like it'd turn it slightly lighter brown based on how dark my natural color is.

So to show everything in chronological order, here I am in October '10 with natural hair that had been straightened with heat:

Here I am with it relaxed and trimmed in November '10 (uneven because of how I had BCed it and they didn't want to take it too short):

And finally, here I am with color, almost 3 weeks post relaxer (I'm trying to go 8-12 weeks between touch-ups and have not had a trim since the October pic above - awful I know, but I'm going in 2 weeks for one):

So the color wasn't very drastic, but at least it covered my grays. At the root it looks more red than blonde so I think next time I'll pic a lighter ashier blonde.

Regarding length/ultimate color and style this is what I'm aiming for (yes, that's fellow Ohio-native Halle Berry): 

I know I can get there and have been reminiscing about my old length; I'm thinking I'll be back there by summer '12:


  1. hehe Yep.. always go lighter when you do box color. At the rate your hair is growing it will probably be that length before 2012. Yay!

  2. I ordered my biotin this morning!