Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Baby in a Bonnet & a Bit of a Scare

This past Thursday the weather was gorgeous so I took Nia to the park to swing for the first time. My mom had given me a bonnet during our last visit that she came across while sorting through some things and I decided to put Nia in it again especially to help protect her from the sun. Here she is about to go outside:

Now Mr. Love Bird thinks Nia looks silly in her bonnet but I think she looks cute! I was a fan of Holly Hobby when I was a little girl and the oversized bonnet reminds me of her:

Photo Credit: afrocityblog.wordpress.com
Here are a few swing pics of Nia; she was more interested in watching the other kids at the playground than being in the swing:

Right after we left I was almost home (less than a 5 minute walk) and I realized my wristlet which contained my keys and license were missing; I had put it in the zipper pouch of the stroller which I kept beside me the entire time. I quickly retraced my steps and couldn't find the wristlet. Our super let us in and later that night when Mr. Love Bird came home and opened the mailbox he found just the keys and my license there but no wristlet. I believe the mail carrier returned them and the wristlet must've fallen out at some point because she's the only one with access to the mailbox (you have to use the mailbox key to close it back in place). This was quite a scare, but I've never in my life lost my keys. I am going to be super vigilant from now on!


  1. Love the bonnet. It's retro cool. It has way more coverage than the baby sunhats.

  2. I think she looks adorable in her bonnet! I'm glad they returned your keys & your license!

  3. I love a baby in a bonnet! Glad your keys reappeared. I lost my keys at the airport when Marlie was 2 weeks old. I was paranoid that someone was going to break into our house and got the locks changed.