Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy MALM!

In 2009 Mr. Love Bird and I bought IKEA's MALM furniture suite a few months after getting married. It wasn't ideal, but it was deeply discounted and fit our budget. 

Photo Credit: Gear Patrol

We still have it, but I often dream of the day we get rid of it - at least the bed. The rest of the pieces would be fine in a guest room, but it really annoys me how the bed isn't conducive to underbed storage, which is a must in NYC. I can fit a few flat bed boxes under and some shoes but it requires lifting the entire bed up to access them.

I was over on Apartment Therapy and came across this hack for the dresser. Check out this before and after:

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
Isn't this AMAZING?! I'm definitely keeping this on file for when it comes time to re-purpose our MALM suite.

In doing research for this post I found out IKEA now has a MALM bed frame that is redesigned for better underbed storage; from the website: 

This higher version of the MALM bed frame makes it easier to get in and out of bed and easily fits underbed storage boxes.

Photo Credit: IKEA
So I'm a day late and dollar short!