Monday, April 11, 2011

Nia, Meet Sophie!

I've posted before about wanting to get a Sophie for Nia, but I never did. I had read mixed reviews on Amazon about how it could be a choking hazard, but on the flip side I know a few moms in real life whose daughters ADORE their Sophies. 

This past weekend I was in Giggle with my friend Val (a fellow Wellesley alum mommy!) who surprised Nia with a Sophie after our daughters' playdate (blog post forthcoming)! Nia has two top teeth coming in so I knew she'd enjoy something new to gnaw on:

These top two widdle teef are taking FOREVER!
Boy, was a I right . . .

What is this, mom? Is it for me?!
I LOVE my Sophie!
The neck is extra delish!
Want to learn more about Sophie and see her in action? Watch this:

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  1. Forget Sophie, look how ADORABLE Nia is!!! I just love when their little teeth come in - it's the cutest thing. Gosh, you're making me want a little girl again... right after I thought I'd come to terms with having all boys! LOL!!!!