Sunday, April 10, 2011


This video captures one of the reasons why we named our daughter Virginia. Since Mr. Love Bird and I know what it's like growing up with very unique names, we wanted our daughter to have a classic name that could also have a more hip nick name hence Virginia/Nia. We obviously don't know what career path she'll take but either name may be better suited to a different career. I'm sure some people might think this is superficial, but sadly this is the reality of our society and how people are perceived. Sure our president might have a unique name, but that doesn't make it automatically make it easier for everyone else.

Anyway, I think this is an adorable commercial. 

What are your thoughts on naming your children?


  1. I whole heartedly believe that what we name our kids influence who they grow up to be. No moonbeams or alizes over here!

  2. I have a cousin and aunt both named Virginia. We call them "Gin" for short. I love "Nia" though.. couldn't imagine her name as anything else. She is such a Nia :)