Monday, April 25, 2011

Nia's First Easter

Like just about every year since 2003, Uka and I headed over to Maria's apartment (my Wellesley roommate) to share Nia's first Easter with her, her husband, my sister Ariane and another couple. It was a special intimate Easter for all of us as my friends are expecting their first baby this September and the other couple is getting married in November.

Maria and her husband prepared a delicious meal (as usual), and we left in a bit of a food coma! Here's a teaser of what we experienced:

It was unseasonably warm here in NYC - it had been rainy and cold for a couple weeks so we were excited for the break in the weather. We attended service at The Jouney and it was so joyful and inspring! I volunteered with the elementary ageds kids during one service and the kids were so cute and excited for Easter. Nia fell asleep in the nursery and didn't last very long in her full Easter get-up.

I had shown Nia her Easter dress for a week or so and she knew what it was when I brought it out. I hung it on the closet door and kept asking, "Where's your Easter dress?" and she would look at it and outstretch her hand. ADORABLE! The dress was a gift from my friend Seyi who I met soon after I moved to New York in 2007.

Here are a few pics of Nia in the dress with the book Pat the Bunny (a gift from Maria - Nia LOVES it!) and the take-home newborn blanket my mom crocheted as the backdrop: 

{We had a few people ask why she didn't have shoes on and since she doesn't walk yet we leave her shoe-free and I've read that there's no developmental reason to put babies in shoes prematurely.}


  1. Nia looked so cute for Easter! I love her dress. She's so darling! The food looked amazing!! So glad you all had such a nice Easter! :)
    Julie :)

  2. it's cute she responded to the dress, such a smart baby!