Monday, April 25, 2011

Shout Color Catcher Review

I had posted before about the Shout Color Catcher I had been expecting in the mail. Whenever I see those commercials for free samples I always sign up! This sample, however, took FOREVER to arrive (about 3 months) and I finally used it a couple weeks ago.

I'm pretty anal about separating my laundry and reading all the labels. Our washing machine is HE so it uses just right amount of water and I use way less detergent too. All the light colored clothing to be washed on gentle is always separated from the dark colored warm wash clothing and the whites to be washed in hot water.

To try the sample, I washed a load of Nia's clothing. A few of her things say wash cold and gentle but I usually through most of her clothing in the wash on warm - it helps get the stains out. 

This is what the color catcher looks like straight out of the package - kinda like a sturdier dryer sheet:

Here's the load I washed with the color catcher:

The commercial claims the proof is in the color catcher of how it captured colors but mine just came out the same color so I guess my colors didn't bleed. I was surprised given the warm water. I tried a load of the same colors mixed together and had the same results so if it looks like Nia's clothes were pretty colorfast already.

I won't purchase a Shot Color Catcher to try this again on less colorfast clothing but if I somehow get another sample (I know they limit one per household), I'll try it again.

For now I'll stick to doing my laundry the way I always do!

Have any of our readers had amazing results with the Shout Color Catcher?