Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Harlem Brownstone Love

Yesterday, as we walked through Harlem on our way to Fairway's Customer Appreciation BBQ, Mr. Love Bird and I admired the brownstones in the nearby historic district. We aspire to purchase and renovate a brownstone (check out the WSJ's recap of such a renovation), and I thought it would be fun to continue to highlight a few nearby brownstones as I've done before:

This is on my block {photo credit: Harlem Bespoke}

I adore the contrasting colors of the wood
The green walls are so bold, and the Anglophile in me loves those chairs!

 This lovely brownstone was featured in Elle Decor:

What amazing light!
The unique rug print draws me in and the window molding is gorgeous!
This reminds me of Newport, RI; very nautical
Those shells are a great way to bring nature indoors
Loving these original mahogany shutters
Finally, this well appointed brownstone a couple blocks away left us breathless {photo credit}:

Corner home is ideal
Beautiful woodwork
This would be perfect for entertaining
I'd love to invite my girlfriends over for a SATC marathon here!
This is where the guys could hang out during the SATC marathon!
This room has an old-school, yet modern feel to it


  1. Wooooow, these are amazing.

  2. They are beautiful! We live in the Mount Morris Park area of Harlem. Our brownstone is nice, but unfortunately we rent (2nd floor only). I dream of the day when we can have one of these beautiful, historic brownstones of our very own!