Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yes, I Use Our Wedding Gifts

My Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid
I can hardly believe my 2 year anniversary is coming up next month, and it seems like I hear other newlyweds and articles lament over how no one ever uses their pricey wedding gifts, especially the Kitchen Aid stand mixer and Cuisinart food processor.

This really baffles me!

I registered for things that I knew I would use, including the above mentioned items and the honest truth is I use them at least weekly and sometimes more frequently.

For example, when I need fresh breadcrumbs I toss some old bread in my food processor and in a few short pulses they're done AND they taste much better than store bought. To save money we buy block cheese and when we need it shredded I just put on my shredder attachment and again, in a few seconds my block is reduced to shreds. 

My stand mixer is used for pizza dough which we make regularly and freeze as well as general baking which I love to do. In the future we intend to get additional attachments such as the meat grinder to replicate Shake Shack burgers at home as well as the ice cream and pasta attachments.

We thoroughly enjoy using our kitchen gadgets!

We have loads of mixing bowls, dishware, a waffle maker and juicer that get lots of attention too, but I will admit that we haven't used our chafing dishes or candlesticks, but we still have time for those!

Check out this video from The Atlantic Monthly that shows how much time is saved in the kitchen by our modern-day gadgets:

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  1. Those are too appliances I definitely want to add to my counter top! I agree, I don't understand why folks would register for things that would only collect dust, seems like a waste.