Monday, May 16, 2011

My First Mother's Day

This post is long overdue, and honestly, I struggled to write it. I had posted my pre-Mother's Day thoughts and on Mother's Day I tweeted my disappointment at how things turned out. 

I knew the day was going to start badly when I ended up making my own breakfast. I'm not materialistic and didn't expect a physcial present for Mother's Day but when Mr. Love Bird asked what I wanted beforehand I said that I really didn't want to end up in the kitchen on Mother's Day, but alas I did.

I won't go into further details of all the other negative things that happened, but it definitely wasn't how I envisioned my first Mother's Day. After I asked, Mr. Love Bird did end up getting me the Living Social housecleaning deal that was running that day, and I look forward to using it soon, especially as Nia is getting more mobile.

Mother's Day is an especially hard day for my husband as his mother passed away in 2005, and I understand that. I guess I was surprised at how this year turned out because last year's Mother's Day was so sweet with him doing my pedicure. Anyway, late Mother's Day evening I found a post from Man. Wife & Dog entitled Surviving Mother's Day Without My Mother that I shared with him. He appreciated the article and apologized for how things turned out. 

The good news is my sister Ariane really stepped up and gave me the loveliest bunch of lilacs! They smelled divine - they really made my day! That night she treated me to Water for Elephants. 

Our church also had a special Mother's Day celebration, and as is the tradition, provided family photos. Here's some highlights:


  1. You have a beautiful family. Very nice pictures.

  2. @dv9mrsm Thank you and for stopping by my blog too!