Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nia and I Visit Famous Footwear in East Harlem

Just a quick update on my previous post about Famous Footwear opening in E. Harlem:

Nia and I met with my sister Ariane last Saturday to attend the grand opening. It was packed! As we approached we could hear the drummers and Nia started dancing (she bobs up and down in her Moby Wrap!).

There were models in silver leotards on the first floor

The festive entrance to Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear was PACKED! As we entered we were given a key to unlock the box for a $500 shoe giveaway. We also signed up for the Shoecrazy mad dash to grab shoes but unfortunately didn't win.

I managed to get a clear shot without hoards of people!

Ariane and Nia pose for the camera
I will say that it was very overwhelming being in the store that day, and the line was excurciatingly long, which I'm sure is what Famous Footwear wanted, but I actually prefer the selection of DSW. I found Famous Footwear's shoes to be too plain for me, however they had some cute children's shoes which Nia took a liking to:

On the bus ride back there was a woman who won the $500 in shoes - I'm not sure if she had used the full $500, but she did have a bunch of shoe boxes with her. The store was SO chaotic that day I think I would have preferred to wait until another day especially because as I walked through I didn't see a lot of shoes in my size (9). 

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