Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mr. Love Bird is Up to Something

Uka's "Plotting Something" pose from when I was in labor
I will not rehash the Mother's Day fail, but DH is indeed about to make up for it big time! He's been plotting and planning a couple surprises the next two weekends.

Our 2nd anniversary is next weekend (June 26 to be exact) and the following weekend we are going somewhere OVERNIGHT - shocking, I know! I'm pretty sure I know where we're going, but I won't say where until after it unfolds. I do know this means I need to pump some milk the next couple weekends so Nia's prepared for my extended absence. It's crazy how I've pretty much been able to feed her on demand for nearly a year. I never would've imagined that and I consider myself blessed, but boy, am I ready to wean! 

Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a BFing post, so I'll get back on track . . .

Mr. Love Bird has declared that he doesn't like surprises, but I do! I'm very much like a kid when it comes to being surprised. Now certain surprises I don't like (for example not knowing the gender of my unborn baby - this would drive me bonkers as I'm such a planner!).

I tried to think back to when Mr. Love Bird's last surprised me and it was for my 30th bday last year. He had my friends come for dinner. It was a small group but very nice. Prior to that the big surprise was when we got engaged in 2007.

Have any of my readers been awesomely surprised by their significant others recently? How did it go?

P.S. I really wanted to insert a picture of one of my favorite Christmases. I have an image of surprise in my head when my parents gave me a piano. I can still remember that feeling to this day! It was one of the best surprises of my childhood!

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  1. Not a big deal, but I find marriages (at least mine) are fueled by the little things that show one their significant other still cares and is thinking of them dueing the mundane activities of their husband surprised me with a perfect yellow rose picked from our garden outside...took me unexpectantly, and was so nice!