Friday, June 17, 2011

Wow! Cable Free for an Entire Year?!

I was over on YHL today and saw John's post about HGTV's latest shows. I realized I was seriously out of the loop! I LOVE HGTV but since being cable free the only time I watch it is when I visit my parents' house. 

This inspired me to look back and see just how long we've been cable free and lo and behold it's been exactly one year!


What's crazy is besides HGTV, I really don't miss cable. Besides saving $100 each month, we find most of our shows online and love watching them without commercials. However, even though they're online doesn't mean we watch them. Instead we are busy working on so many other projects, besides keeping up with Nia!

I wrote a few weeks ago about how our summer's shaping up, but since then it's become even more hectic. Here's what I'm working on now:
  • Planning Nia's first birthday party
  • Co-leading a summer growth group with Uka (every Saturday through the end of the summer!)
  • Harlem School for the Arts fundraiser (please donate here by June 30!)
  • Toastmasters
  • A secret project for a friend ;-)
  • Heading up the mom's ministry for new babies at my church
  • A freelance project
  • Hosting a fondue dinner party next month
  • Volunteering with my church's children's ministry
  • Planning trips {I was hoping to make it to BlogHer and Toastmasters Int'l conference but unfortunately looks like it's not gonna happen.}
    • Columbus
    • Baltimore
    • Philadelphia
    • Rhode Island
    • Nigeria (Nia needs her passport ASAP!)
Yes, so I really don't have time to be sitting around and watching TV! AND I'm definitely not one of those people who use the excuse, "I'm SO busy" for flaking out on people. I've vented about it before. WE'RE ALL BUSY! That's called life. HELLO!!! I just make time for what's important and will always maintain my integrity of checking in on my friends and responding to them in a timely manner.
    Anyway, Mr. Love Bird and I don't see a return to cable in our future. For now we're busy living and loving it!

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    1. I admire the fact that you have been cable free for a year. Television is how I earn a living an I'm not sure I could give it up. Sometimes I don't even watch, it's just background noise. My biggest time consumer is the internet. I think I'm going to limit that to a designated time of day. I hope that allows me more time to live and love life! Thanks for the post:)