Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby by 30?

I was scrolling through Twitter and saw this article on Black Media Scoop about the ideal age for having a baby.

While the "article" wasn't scientific and admittedly a bit biased (sponsored by Clearblue), according to their "research" conducted on a pool of 3,000 women over half believed that 29 is the ideal age to have a baby.

This hit home with me as I had posted before about wanting to have my first child before 30. It wasn't because of societal pressure, but because I strongly remember my mom as a strong and vibrant mom. At 23 she seemed to have boundless energy to play with me and chase me around and seeing my parents now as empty-nesters at 53 and 54 is SO appealing. They are truly living Life 2.0!

Of course having a baby by a certain cutoff is often unrealistic, but for me I'm glad I had Nia when I did. Mr. Love Bird and I talk about how happy we are to have traveled a lot and have had so many fun memories of just the two of us that we don't feel like we missed out on "our youth" and yes, I've heard people say, "Oh you can travel in your 50s and 60s" and while we do plan on doing that I'm glad we did so much in our 20s. Sometimes we just sit around and reminisce about the things we've done.

There are even things that I forgot that we did like random trips to the Cape for whale watching and biking around Martha's Vineyard, driving all night on a Thursday to Columbus, Ohio after work (crazy and never to be repeated again!), multiple trips to Vegas, going to Universal Studios for the Fourth of July one year and even an overnight cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm. Lots of memories!

And now we look forward to many more fun memories with our Baby Love Bird.