Friday, July 29, 2011

Everyone Knows My Mr. Love Bird!

Uka, the man everyone loves to know!

My husband is quite the social butterfly - he wasn't born this way, but it really came about when he started playing basketball in college. Everywhere we went around Boston people recognized him and would stop us - even on dates - to talk to him! He would be so gracious and kind while I often would stand to the side fuming. "You're waaaay too kind," I would tell him.

Now with his new job, his extroverted personality is paying off and even outside of the workplace, he is excelling as President of our local Toastmasters Club (he's recently been re-elected!). I guess the issue is that even still, no matter where we go, even if it's another neighborhood, state or country, nine times out of ten we bump into someone we know. 

Here are a few examples:
  • A few years ago when passing through the Las Vegas airport we bumped into someone he used to play basketball abroad with
  • A couple months ago he came with me to my high school's alumnae event at Lincoln Center (mind you, I went to high school in Columbus) and he bumped into someone from his alma mater, Boston College (there were only about 50 people at the event!)
  • We went to visit Columbus, Ohio one year and at my church he bumped into someone he knew from NYC
  • We went for BBQ with our church group in Harlem last year, and he bumped into someone from BC
  • Even the man my sister is now dating knows him a sports program he coached at in high school!
  • A few weeks ago we went to the new Shake Shack in Battery Park, and he bumped into someone from BC
  • Last weekend we were running late to catch our train to Long Island and I was waiting patiently near the train as he tried to purchase our tickets before we boarded; unfortunately the line was waaaay too long so he came bolting down the stairs and we jumped on the nearest car right before the train departed and guess what??? We found seats right across from his coworker. WOW!
You get the gist!

As a result I think Mr. Love Bird should run for office! No, just kidding, but seriously, it never fails that wherever we go someone knows who he is. 

I told him recently that he has to be on better behavior than me because of this while I can just gallivant all over NYC doing whatever I want. He was alarmed when I said this (I tend to have dead pan delivery!), but he quickly figured out I was joking. 

As we prepare to head to Baltimore this weekend and Columbus the following weekend I already know we are going to encounter the exact same thing. I will try not to get annoyed, but just realize this is how my husband is: Mr. Social Butterfly!

Do any of our readers have the same dynamic in their relationship? Do you find this as weird as I do?


  1. Same thing with my husband. I like it because I can fade into the background. I'm the shrinking violet :)

  2. That's super cute. John doesn't know everyone before we enter a room...but once we leave he does. He's so outgoing. I call him the mayor. He knows everyone in our building, and gossips with the old ladies on the stoop too...I don't know how cuz he can barely speak spanish...anyway...bye.

  3. Yep! My hubs always runs into people that he knows mainly because he has 2 older sisters and 2 older brother who are very outgoing. Hubby? Not so much, but by default and because the DC metro area is too small, he always runs into people that recognize him because of his siblings.