Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yep, We Go Out!

Love Birds Know How to Have Fun!
Warning folks: I'm about to go on a rant!

I get highly annoyed by parents who lament how they don't go out since having a baby like it's some "holier than thou" sentiment. When I was pregnant with Nia I wrote about how I intended to keep it moving when she was born and indeed both Uka and I have done so. 

We learned in premarital counseling at our church that it was very important to have a scheduled date night that was non-negotiable. While this is nearly impossible for us, we do things impromptu based on what's going on in NYC. From MUG, to Skint and Flavorpill there are so many wonderful listings that keep us abreast of all the things to do and most often they're free or low cost. 

Some of the fun dates we've had since Nia was born was simply going to the movies - one of our first dates was seeing Harry Potter while my parents watched Nia. We also went out for Valentine's Day and just recently our anniversary. Lately, a dear friend of mine offered to partner with another friend to watch Nia so we can see the last installment of Harry Potter, and while our summer schedule is already bursting at the seems Mr. Love Bird and I are chomping at the bit to go (we also want to see Captain America too!).

At times I do get stir crazy staying in with Nia, but when Mr. Love Bird and I are able to put something on the calendar to look forward to it makes us very excited!

We love our Baby Love Bird, but when we do go out it's not like we're sitting there talking about her constantly or checking our phones incessantly for messages from the babysitter. Yes, we're attached to her, but we like our space sometimes too, and I'm sure she does as well!

So, yes, Uka and I go out and we plan to continue to keep it moving!

Speaking of keeping it moving, we're off to Baltimore in a couple hours for our brother and sister-in-law's at home reception (they were married in Las Vegas on April Fools' Day - how fun is that???).

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Yes! Make sure you and your husband keep it moving! It does get tricky sometimes with kids but you gotta find a way.
    Baltimore is nice, my husband and I have had some great visits there. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Q! Going out is a must. I make time for hubby, but I also make time for my girls. Chris realized that me having girl time with my friends makes his life easier:-)

  3. Yes, it's very important to have time for you and your hubby! Enjoy your nights out!

  4. Date nights are so important. We don't get out as often as we would like, but we're getting better at it. There are tons of free things to do too, we don't always have to spend money to have a good time.

  5. I agree. People who are always about their children scare me. Even if its only once a month it is necessary to get out and have quality time together. I look forward to our outings! Have fun in Baltimore.

  6. i don't have kids yet but i think itt's important to carve out you and the mister's me-time. it's important. have fun in b-more!

  7. Love this post. Every couple needs to spend quality time and be without the kiddos. It's very important. Go you!